Monday, March 7, 2011

Mustard Greens Soup

Fresh Mustard Greens (gaai-choi)

Mustard Greens Soup


  • 1 catty (600g) mustard greens - gaai-choi, cut stems into chunks (if too thick)
  • 1 ginger, sliced
  • ½ catty lean pork (shank), sliced
  • Salt & white pepper to taste

  1.  Blanch pork.
  2. Prepare mustard greens
  3. In a large pan bring 6 cups of water to a boil. Add ginger and pork. Bring to the boil again and cook for ½ hour. 
  4. Add mustard greens. Cook for another ½ hour.
  5. Add salt and white pepper
Mustard Greens Soup
Note: Mustard Greens are said to bring heat (yang energy) and therefore to help promote circulation and to relieve congestion. Mustard greens taste is quite pungent, a bit stronger than cabbage (same family).

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