When I think of bread, my first thought that jumps to my mind is my Mum. She loves bread and would not go one day without it. The next thought goes to Pépé, her father, when he was slicing bread with his Opinel.  

Pépé’s snack or “casse-croûte” consisted of slices of smoked pork belly with bread.  His Opinel, a pocket-knife with a wooden handle and a metal ring to block the blade in open position, was kept on himself at all times.  He would also use it when eating at his home.  Was he tempted to use it when being at someone else’s place?  How could he resist from getting his personal knife out of his pocket?  I am sure he might have gotten the precious item out from time to time, out of a habit! 

My maternal grand-father was a postman and would leave home very early to set off on his rounds. He would cycle no less than 40 km each day to deliver the mails to the 3 surrounding villages. No wonder Pépé needed to have a consistent “casse-croûte” when 9am stroke! He surely needed to fill up his energy level.  Even after retirement he would take a mid-day break and eat his hearty “casse-croûte”.

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