Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hong Kong-Style Afternoon Tea

This afternoon I had Hi-Tea hah-n'gh-chàh in a Hong Kong-style coffe shop (chàh-châan-têng) at the Mongkok branch of Tsui-Wah.

I chose the A Set on the selection of 3 listed on the table stand: 
Home Made Fish Balls & Fish Cakes in Fish Soup w/ Rice Noodles (Yùh-Dáan Hó-Fán) which is served with coffe or tea. I ordered a hot milk tea (yiht-náaih-chàh). This is a specialty of Hong Kong. This strong tea is made with a mixture of red and black tea leaves boiled and infused for a long time; then the very dark brew is poured in a large cup over a large dollop of evaporated milk. It is creamy and yummy!
I guess it is not really healthy but once in a while one has to indulge herself/himself, right? and at a price of $32, why not?

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