Saturday, August 25, 2012

Teakha 茶-家

I finally went to t-e-a-k-h-a (chàh-gà – 茶家) a boutique bakery / tea room which has been mentioned numerous times by Hong Kong bloggers.
Teakha is located in Sheung Wan on Tai Ping Shan Street which is a 10-minute walk from Western Market. It was so hot on that day that I arrived at Teakha drenched in sweat.

Teakha, Shop B, 18 Tai Ping Shan Street

The place is small and cosy and filled with the smell of freshly baked pastries. Oh! This lovely red fruit clafoutis that seemed to come straight out of the oven looked so good.

Nana Chan, the owner of Teakha, was busy. She apologized that her place was full and I could not find a seat. Nana’s Mum was there with lots of friends – chatting and eating – as well as other customers. Nana kindly explained that the al-fresco area was nice as there was an outdoor misting system.  So I sat outside. Indeed it was quite pleasant. 
After sitting for a while I looked around and saw a small notice on the outside wall of the shop explaining that this area (outdoor) was a self-service.
I went in again and ordered what had been promoted by Table for 2 Hong Kong, Janice Leung of e-ting the world and other famous Hong Kong bloggers, during the Healthy Summer Dining Experience programme i.e. the lemon cream tart. I also asked for a cup of (hot) chai tea (upon Nana’s recommendation) to accompany the slice of lemon pie.

Both the tart and the tea were so good! The crust was chewy with a strong ginger taste, the custard was smooth and slightly sour (not too sweet) and the cream on top very light.  This is so far the best chai tea I've ever had: full of flavours and spicy.  

Lemon cream tart and chai tea
(You can see the numerous plants that Nana is tending)

Crunchy yet moist crust with sour & sweet smooth custard

Green teapot sign
tea & zakka
Bye and see you soon!

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