Friday, October 21, 2011

Mizu Desserts House

Recently I went with some friends to Mizu Desserts House in Tai Kok Tsui. I hardly ever go to this part of Hong Kong, or I should say Kowloon.  I don't have any occasion to go there.  TKT is an area west of Mongkok with a mix of light industries (in the old area) and residential buildings.
We planned to visit Stephanie (we all know her) who is one of the owners of Mizu. But what we wanted most was to try her desserts!

In the street where Mizu / Séui-gei (in Cantonese) [ 水记甜品屋]  is located there are plenty of  restaurants: seafood, Cantonese hot pot, desserts. Diners can enjoy outdoor dining at tables set out on the pavement (outside the shops). We noticed the similarity between the street full of outdoor diners and Taiwan's night markets.

Stephanie recommanded us to try the following treats:

Chocolate cake ($30)
My second favourite! The thin layer of pastry at the bottom was light and crunchy. The chocolate had a real taste of dark chocolate.

Durian-flavoured shave ice w/ durian ice cream and durian magic jelly ($38)

This is an interesting dessert with 2 special ingredients:
1- Magic jelly: called in Cantonese baau-baau-jyû [爆爆珠 explode-explode-pearl OR yúh-syùn-jyû 乳酸珠 yogurt pearl]. This was the second time I had some. My 1st time was at YehYO!! frozen yogurt. The pearl-like magic jellies are full of juice that tastes like yakult. There are many different flavours. The very thin outer layer of the pearl burst in your mouth when you bite into it (hence its name). 
2- Durian has a very strong pungent taste. It took me more than 20 years to appreciate durian!

Crême brulée ($23)
Creamy and tasty but not as good as some I had before (in France or in Hong Kong).

Grass jelly (lèuhng-fán), sago, fresh pomelo and mango
in coconut milk ($23)
Refreshing treat. I can eat glass jelly but I don't particularly look forward to this type of flavour. What I liked most in this sweet soup was the fresh pomelo.
Mixed mushrooms and cheeses toasts
(tea set w/drink $23)

I did not try the toasts as they arrived after the chocolate cake and the durian ice cream. I don't  like having savoury treats after sweets.

Vanilla ice cream with poached pears in Sabayon sauce ($38)

My favourite! The yummiest of all the desserts we had on that evening! I like the combination of the poached (haft-cooked) pears together with the sweet and slightly creamy and warm sauce. Pears and vanilla: a perfect pairing for me!
Meringue with ice cream and cookies ($38)
A mountain-shaped dessert filled with crushed chocolate cookies (a bit too dry for me) and ice cream wrapped with a layer of soft meringue. The name - 火焰雪山- flames-snow mountain- sounds much better than it tastes.

Mini-eggs ($28)

The most decorative and lovely dessert we had (in my opinion). These are egg-shaped pana cottas (a mixture of cream, sugar, gelatin and water). The yolks: also pana cottas - but mango-flavoured pana cottas.

Super combo: mango ice cream, fresh fruits, strawberry-flavoured magic pearls,
pana cotta egg in mango-coconut-flavoured milk ($38)
This is exactly the type of dessert that I don't like: too crowded with too many textures and flavours put together.
My verdict: My favourite was the vanilla ice cream with poached pears in Sabayon sauce.
As I already mentioned I don't usually go to TKT otherwise I would not mind going back from time to time to Mizu to enjoy the poached pears with the vanilla ice cream melting slowly in the warm Sabayon sauce.

Mizu Desserts House
9 Pine Street
Tai Kok Tsui
Tel: 2309 1944

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