Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 review & 2013 wish list

A bit late, I wish you all a healthy and happy new year!  It is hard to believe that chris-eathealthy is going to step in to its 3rd year soon.

Looking back at my list of vegetables that I wished to discover in 2012 I noted that I managed to find 4 out of 5, namely:

  1. Arrowhead tubers - chìh gû 慈姑,

  2. Stem lettuce - wô seún 萵筍,

  3. Wild rice shoots - gâau seún 胶筍,and

  4. Dracontomelon - yàhn minh 人面.
I still have to find where and when (what time of the year) to buy “white wormwood - jân jyû choi 珍珠菜” the 1st veggie on my 2012 wish list. As you have guessed, white wormwood will be on my 2013 wish list!
While looking around at wet markets I have discovered other edible plants such as bracken fern, chinese box thorn, and pumpkin sprouts that were not on my list.
2012 has been good for me. I have enjoyed memorable times eating, cooking and sharing food with my friends. To name but a few:  preparing Hakka tea cakes, outing to Cheung Chau, one day at e-farm, trying vegetarian food at Light, Teakha, and Grassroots Pantry, etc…
I also had many happy food-related moments that I did not share on this blog for various reasons (time or too private).  And I purposely did not record my several disastrous baking efforts (believe me macarons are not that easy to make!) Anyway as long as I am having fun I will continue experimenting with cooking and baking in 2013.
So here is chris-eathealthy’s 2013 wish list:  
  • Find white wormwood - jân jyû choi 珍珠菜
  • Find veggies that I have never cooked before
  • Making my own sourdough starter (new experiment)
  • Baking more varieties of bread

Again I wish you a happy and healthy 2013.

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