Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sheng Kee Noodles Store - 盛記麵家

Some time ago I saw a TV programme on a noodles store in one of Shatin estates.  The characteristic of this dai-paai-dong is that its owner is a kind-hearted man who is giving away free noodles to needy elderly. Recently I read again about Mr Cheung Man-keung and Sheng Kee Noodles Store in the SCMP weekly column “Neighbourhood Sounds”. My curiously stirred up even further: I had to visit this eatery!

During the Chinese New Year festival we walked {to help us digest too many slices of turnip pudding and helpings of Buddha’s Delight} along the Shing Mun River. On our way back to Shatin New Town Centre I suddenly remembered that Sheng Kee was not too far. We then headed to Lek Yuen estate and looking around we found a sign advertising the “famous” store.
The corridor leading to the dining area looked like an exhibition centre with sculptures from eclectic material. Here I was, at “Sheng Kee”, the store I had seen pictures of and longed to visit! I knew that the decoration would be unusual but after entering the store I realized it really was.
The entire noodles store is adorned with handmade ornaments, photographs, plants, etc. It does not look at all like a noodles shop.

It seems as if the eatery was closed. As we went further in we were asked by a woman sitting by a table if we were here to get “poon choi” or “big bowl feast”.  “No, we were not”.  Another lady came to us and informed us that the shop was only selling poon choi during the CNY holiday.
Note: “p`uhn-choi” in Cantonese - 盤菜- means basin-dish. Poon-choi is a combination of different foods, mainly meat and seafood.
As we walked around the store we saw several pinkish-red plastic bags with the clients’ name on a piece of paper attached to them.  These were the poon choi ready to be picked-up.
Not too far away staff members were busy filling up large bowls with foods. 


As we got out of the store I felt happy to have finally visited Sheng Kee but not fully satisfied as I could not try its noodles. Will have to go another time! ;)

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