Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wax Pork Sausage and Duck - Laahp-méih-faahn 臘味飯

Just before Chinese New Year my friends brought me to Kowloon City to buy wax duck, pork sausages and belly. This shop sells “laahp-méih 臘味" or wax-delicacy as well as other types of delicacies such as abalone, fish maw (swim bladder), scallops, shrimps, etc.  Laahp-méih is the equivalent to Western cured meats or charcuterie.

I seldom eat Chinese charcuterie. I used not to like it (I still don’t like duck liver sausage) but I have come to appreciate it in small quantity during the winter months.  It seems that the pork sausages are not as fatty as they used to be and I like their slight rose water flavour.

           Shop selling laahp-méih


Wax pork sausages - Laahp chéung - 臘腸

  Wax ducks - Laahp-ngaap - 臘鴨
Laahp-méih-faahn 臘美飯  (wax-delicacy-rice)

Rinse laahp-méih with boiling water or blanch quickly to eliminate fat and lessen saltiness. Sausages: Make small holes in the sausages so that oils and seasoning (rose water, rice wine) will be released and give the rice a sweet flavour.
Waxed duck: Cut off extra fat if needed and slice off the meat into pieces.
Prepare rice (usually same amount of water as rice) in rice cooker. Put laahp-méih in together with rice and water. Cook rice as usual.
Laahp-méih with rice in rice cooker
Laahp-méih and rice are cooked
You can also prepare laahp-méih-faahn” in an earthen pot. It is recommended to first stir-fry the rice (to avoid the latter to become sticky) and the laahp-méih {separately} (to release its aroma). When rice is about 80% cooked put laahp-méih on top of rice and cook until rice is done. 
Another way to cook laahp-méih (if too oily) is to steam the waxed meat separately in a heat proof dish so you can discard the fat.


The above photos were taken in Tung Chung estate on our way to Tai O. As you can see some Tung Chung residents have spread their homemade production of waxed delicacies (pork belly and sausages) to dry in the sun on pillars along the pavement.
Bon appétit!

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