Thursday, September 12, 2013

Making mooncakes at iBakery 愛烘焙麵包工房 - 2013

I was kindly invited to help iBakery 愛烘焙麵包工房 to make their large production of mooncakes for the forthcoming mid-autumn festival. What I mean by “large” is over 600 pieces per day for 3 consecutive weeks. Yes, 3 weeks of mooncake-making! Hahha! I, myself, did not help for 3 weeks but only 6 days.  
Here are a few photos I'd like to share with you to show you the main steps in mooncake making.

Balls of lotus paste
Salted duck egg yolks have been cleaned and infused in a special wine
Each salted duck egg yolk is poked in the middle of a lotus paste ball
Small balls of dough are pressed between 2 sheets of plastic 

Each thin sheet of dough is placed onto the lotus balls 
Sheets of dough are being carefully wrapped up around the lotus balls
Each lotus paste ball – with salted duck egg yolk in – is covered
with a thin sheet of dough
Now, watch the video above to see how each ball is shaped into a cake
(manually pressed into a wooden mold)
Unbaked mooncakes
Baked mooncakes
It was really a fun and nice experience to learn to make mooncakes at iBakery.  I like the atmosphere:  serious yet pleasant and relaxing with at times exchanges of jokes.
Thank you 愛烘焙麵包工房 for inviting me to work with you.  By the way, I’m ready for next year!  
Happy mid-autumn festival to all!


  1. You have such a great blog! I've recently moved back to Hong Kong and need to get into the swing of cooking. Your posts are very informative. Thanks!

  2. Hi Laura, thanks to you! for reading my blog.
    very happy to know that my posts are useful. ;)) it motivates me to continue writing...i've been lazy recently.... haha!! Cheers