Monday, June 6, 2011

Oriental Milk Cheese Cake

Daaih-leùnhg ngàuh-yúh – 大良牛乳

I just discovered a new type of cheese, a cheese which looks like thin cakes and is made in China.

Oriental milk cheese cake / Daling milk / Bang milk cake 
Thin cheese cakes with embossed lace pattern
My husband’s uncle brought us back some “oriental milk cheese cake” or “Daliang milk”, also called “bang milk cake” from Foshan city, Guangdong province.

The curd, made with cow’s milk fermented with white vinegar, is pressed into thin slices which look like slim cookies béng-gón. Salt is added. It is rather salty.  
The cakes are very fragile and have an embossed lace pattern.

Daliang milk is a good congee jûk, oatmeal mahk-pín / mahk-pèih, steamed rice faahn or steamed bun, accompaniment.

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