Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wet Market at Mongkok

I love wet markets!

I love wet markets for their atmosphere, the beauty of their fresh and dried produces, their colorful diplays and also their smells (even if sometimes it is not always pleasant, especially in the summer!).

I also like looking at the sellers and buyers chatting with each others - whether simple chit-chat or haggling over prices - hearing the sound of the fish fighting in the water (avoiding being caught by the fishmonger), the swift knife of the butcher cutting fresh meat on his wooden chopping board, etc. 

Each scene makes wet markets look like real life pictures.

For me wet markets are like daily festivals of colors, music and aromas illustrating the neighbourhood and the daily life of its residents.

Bitter melons/gourds, Chinese white cabbage (pak choi/pok choi)

Dumplings & suckling pig

Nice display of colourful produces

Different varieties of beans, carrots, jade melons etc

At the butcher

Big frogs (toads!)

Nice fish isn't it?

Sellers on Argyle Street, Mongkok

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