Thursday, September 6, 2012

Light Radiant Food, black bean burger and more

After walking for 15 minutes in the scorching heat and amid the traffic noise I found an oasis of peace, a cool place, called Light. Why did I choose to visit this place?
I know it is a bit late for writing this post but I really want to record this news as it is very meaningful for me.

You might remember Table for Two (TFT) 's  Healthy Summer Dining Experience (HSDE) that took place in August. I had read reviews* about the various dining restaurants taking part in HSDE and was interested in visiting some of them for 3 reasons:
1) wanted to support TFT, 2) was curious to try a few of these places, and 3) why not participating in the game by uploading a photo on TFT HK facebook page of the selected meal or drink? The most “liked” photos would win prizes. And by sending photos to my friends I could help promote HSDE.

Table for Two- HSDE promotion
* Reviews from Hong Hong famous bloggers:
- Janice Leung(e*ting the world), Angie Palmer (from the u.s. to hong kong), Ale Wilkinson (The Dim Sum Diaries) and Patricia (Gastronomic Voyage).

Here are 3 of TFT’s partners that I wanted to visit: Light radiant food (for its black bean burger! New for me!), Teakha (for its lemon cream pie with a gingersnap crust! Yummy!), and The Genie Concepts (for its kale and pineapple juice. How would that taste?).

There was a 2nd reason why I chose Light and why it was No.1 on my list: besides its black bean burger (as previously mentioned) I also learnt when reading Janice’s blog  that the owner of this place was an old friend of mine. {I called the restaurant to make sure Stephenie was the person I knew. Yes, she was! I was so happy. We had not seen each other for at least 3 years and I did not even know she had opened a restaurant. She is a “very” low-key kind of person}.  I went there a few days later. I walked from Western Market and arrived drenched with sweat to this cool refuge. It was past 3pm and there were a few late diners like me.

1 Second Street, Shop E, LG.  (Along Eastern Street)
Between First and Second Streets (Sai Ying Pun)

The place, although small, is comfortable. The entrance is partly blocked by green plants to separate the dining area from the outside street (like a natural curtain). Stephenie explained me that she had designed herself the restaurant; some parts with the help of her sister (e.g. lamps). Some of Stephenie‘s paintings are hung on the walls. She is not only an excellent cook but also a great artist! A quiet and talented person. {A little secret: we met 28 years ago when we were both studying in Paris OMG! That’s many years ago!}

I ordered the Table for Two designated meal: soup + black bean burger (see photos below).

Homemade Mixed Vegetables Soup

Black Bean Burger with Salsa Verde
(With handmade zucchini pickle and fresh baked wheat bun)
Light is a very cosy place and the food is fresh and tasty. Light uses organic produce.The black bean patty was still hot. Its soft texture was complemented by the juicy tomato and the crisp zucchini pickle. The vegetables in the Salsa Verde and the soup tasted like they had been freshly picked from your backyard garden.
Stephenie noticed how much I liked her homemade zucchini pickle and proposed to give me her recipe but we chatted and I forgot about it. Actually I’m not going to ask for it; I’d rather visit her again in the future and enjoy her delicious food and Light's peaceful atmosphere.

Zucchini Pickle (on top)

It was worth the travel time (all the way from Kowloon!). 

Note: I went to Teakha (click here to read about it) a few days after my visit to Light but did not find time to go to The Genie Concept during HSDE period. I hope to go there soon. Hopefully they will still make this drink.


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