Saturday, April 2, 2011

Phuket - Raw Foods

About Raw Foods / Living Cuisine: 

This dish was part of a 6 course-Raw Foods menu. Raw Foods preparation, also known as "Living Cuisine".  The maximum cooking temperature is 42 degrees Centigrade which is said to preserve enzymes and vitamins, as well as a higher contents of nutrients and minerals. 
It was relly great to taste and try to guess what vegetables were used in the preparation of those 6 dishes. 

Some sauces were made of mango, passion fruit, sweet basil, lemon grass, yellow bell pepper sauce, etc.  Unfortunately I took only 2 photos (and they are not great!). 
Really need to go another time!


I did not write down the menu (I should have) and although today I cannot remember the exact names of the 6 dishes I will try to list down what I recall:
  1. Vegetable & Fruit Bread / Pudding (cooked at 42 degrees C for about 8 hours) 
  2. Canelloni (thin slice of cucumber rolled up with feta cheese, black olives and fruit sauces)
  3. Mixed Greens Salad (with yellow bell pepper salad dressing) - 1st photo of this post
  4. Vegetables with passion fruit sauce - 2nd photo of this post
  5. Coconut Flavoured Ravioli
  6. Mango Ice-Cream (on a pesto flavoured pastry).  

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