Saturday, April 23, 2011

Roselle Jam

I just bought a pot of roselle jam from Greenshop - a Social Enterprise (SE) - which was selling its produce at the 2nd Hong Kong Food Carnival held at Fa Hui Park.

The roselle plant (rosella / sorrel) is one of the species of hibiscus.  Its dried calyces are used to make jam (very popular in Australia), food colourings and teas. Rosella infusion (herbal tea) has a very distinctive magenda pink-red colour and a little acid taste.

I found the jam not too sweet and with a slight acid flavour. Although jam is usually cooked for a long time the petals are almost in one piece and I can feel the texture under my palate.

Roselle jam

Magenta red-pink roselle calyces

Description on the making of organic roselle jam 


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