Saturday, April 2, 2011


We just experienced an interesting holiday in a luxurious spa on Naka Yai island (Phuket-Thailand). We never thought we would have this kind of wet weather for 4 days! I must admit that I was very scared by the strong wind and heavy rain during the 1st night of our stay. When we woke up the following day the restaurant entrance was flooded and the spa reception was inundated by water as high as 1 meter. Water pumps run all day long and staff worked hard to clean up the mess. We later learnt that on some other islands tourists had to be evacuated and in the province of Krabi residents and tourists had been very badly affected by the flooding and landslides. We were quite fortunate that none of the villas had been flooded and nobody was hurt. What a scary night! The remaining of our stay was better but it was still rainy and the visibility was low. It was only on our 4th and last day that we have been able to see the island on the other side.

View from our villa (through the window pane)

Resort-grown vegetables

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